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Crafts Create Change

Crafts Create Change Book

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This book is not just any craft book. In fact, it’s so much more than a craft book. It’s a tool for positive change in your community and in the world. Alicia Sanchez, Founder of Dear God, Are We There Yet? volunteer travel community, shows crafters and sewing enthusiasts how to identify opportunities for change around them and how to use their hands and creativity to make those changes happen.

These sewing & craft projects are easy enough for people of all ages and skill levels to complete. Alicia also provides additional online resources: such as step-by-step instructional videos for each project and a donation directory for finding where to donate the handicrafts you create. Crafts Create Change has over forty different projects to choose from, including community projects. Start making meaningful, functional crafts to create positive change today! 80% of the profits from this book will go directly to the "Dear God, Are We There Yet?" Impact Microgrants